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Adult Education

Coquitlam Continuing Education is the adult education school for School District #43. In partnership with Coquitlam Open Learning and other local institutions. SD43 strives to provide all members of the community with diverse and comprehensive learning experiences.

Who says learning shouldn’t continue into adulthood? Adult education gives mature learners the chance to increase their knowledge, develop new skills and gain helpful qualifications and credentials. This can take many forms and cover many different subjects. As well as literacy and numeracy, many mature students study languages, sciences, and a range of other important subjects.

Developing literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood gives individuals a better ability to reach their full potential. Furthermore, adult students often gain additional confidence in their academic skills after pursuing adult education. Learning after secondary school as a mature-aged student allows adults to develop valuable skills to improve career prospects and expand their professional knowledge.

Finally, adult education teaches learners valuable skills that can be put into action in a wide range of situations. The aptitude gained with adult education is valuable both in and out of the workplace.

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