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Thank you, Port Moody!

Zoe Royer won three civic elections in Port Moody; 2011, 2014, 2018. 

Following ten years as City Councillor, Zoe now serves as SD43 School Trustee.

Drawing on her 22 years in healthcare, and decade of experience as city councillor and  library trustee, Zoe Royer's community leadership and advocacy for inclusivity and equality made her a wise choice for voters.


Having been a resident of the community since 2004,  Zoe is accessible and responsive to residents and actively engaged in public life. Creative, collaborative and thoughtful, Zoe leads by example. She feels her role is to listen first to our community, then set policy while being mindful and respectful of others.  Zoe has the experience and dedication to have a positive impact as school trustee on the SD43 Board.

Great schools emerge from a caring community, engaged teachers and dedicated trustees who listen to parents and prioritize student success.

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“Every Child Matters” means that all children are important. Every Child Matters has become a united call to action, adorning banners and orange shirts, to remember the Indigenous children who died at or went missing from Indian Residential Schools,  to honour and support adult survivors. And for government to make meaningful progress toward reconciliation. 


When all children, regardless of their differences, are educated together, everyone benefits—this is the cornerstone of inclusive education that values diversity and the unique contributions each student brings to the classroom. In a truly inclusive setting, every child feels safe and has a sense of belonging and is instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes. Schools provide the context for a child’s first...



STEM is science, technology, engineering and math based curricula. With the emergence of STEAM to include the Arts, aspiring STEM learners who develop both hard and soft skill sets make them stronger applicants and performers in the job market. This is because creative skills help STEM employees solve problems in more innovative ways. STEAM uses tools such as data visualization or fine art imagery to deepen one’s understanding of science, math and...


The SUPER Team

When students from 5 local schools in Port Moody and Coquitlam got together with a mission to ban single-use plastic, Zoë worked with them to polish their presentation to Tri-City councils, and Provincial and Federal Ministers. The SUPER Team (Single Use Plastic Elimination Reinforcers) was born and the students were successful in securing new legislation!


Studies show that high levels of student connectedness with their schools makes for improved learning outcomes, increased school completion rates, attendance, academic competence, classroom engagement, and expectations of securing a post-secondary education. Further benefits include better student self-esteem and improved mental health, as well as societal benefits overall...



Canada remains one of the few industrialized countries without a national school food program. Canada’s current patchwork of school food programming reaches only a small percentage of our over five million students. School food programs across the country are helping to turn the tide of unhealthy eating in children. A national school food program can address these issues and more...



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