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New to Canada?
SD43 has a long and admirable history of welcoming international students, refugees, and all newcomers to Canada, into our communities and our schools. 

1. Families

SWIS (Settlement Workers in Schools) is a government-funded, school-based settlement service for newcomer families to assist with their immediate and ongoing settlement needs.

2. Adults

LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) provides basic and intermediate level English language instruction and settlement information to adults who are new to Canada. 

3. Students ages 5 - 18

SD43's Immigrant Youth in Schools supports immigrant and refugee students in Grades 9 - 12.
EAL assists students in the school system to become proficient in English. Coquitlam Continued Education offers classes for students 16 years of age, in addition to their regular classes.


4. Pre-Kindergarten (0 - 5)

Strong Start is a free, drop-in early learning program for children ages 0 - 5 accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Ready, Set, Learn! welcomes 3-year-olds and their families to the school system.


Did you know?

ESL (English as Second Language) is now known as English as Additional Language, and ESL students are now known as ELL (English Language Learners).

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